Are you thinking about building a new home, or renovating an old one, submitting a planning application or struggling with building regulations?
If so, you will find Michael Howlett, managing director of Sureline Design Services Ltd. offers a focused range of services designed to help your build move ahead smoothly.

Why Sureline Design Services Ltd?
I listen. My aim is to work with you to come up with an attractive and affordable design that fits the way you live. I will do my level best to provide as many of the services you need and take as much of the complication out of your build as I can. To provide a more understanding and informed service I have recently put myself in the position of self-builder and am in the process of completing construction of my own Eco Houses Project in Pembroke Dock.

In addition to existing and extensive experience I believe this 'hands-on' knowledge is helping me to provide the best and friendliest assistance for all project requirements.

Please call 07826 705 493 or email me and I will be happy to discuss your project.

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