The Design - Building Form
The design was driven by several key factors which, conveniently, tended to converge - sustainability, simplicity and a relatively small budget.

How a building performs is related to its shape as much as its fabric. The more surface area there is, the more heat the building will lose. The smaller and more compact a building is, the lower the heat loss. The cheapest shape to build is a box. Every junction between different shapes also adds cost and complication to the build. There's likely to be more wastage and more time spent. Traditional housing in Pembroke Dock was built simply and cheaply by and for the dockyard workers so following their example would help me stretch my budget and help the houses fit in to their surroundings. As I had never built a house before (my practical experience was limited to D.I.Y. around the house), I figured the simpler I kept things, the more I could do myself.

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